Mauro Colagreco

Mauro Colagreco an Italian-Argentine chef who is ranked 4th in the world according to the ranking World 50 Best Restaurants 2017, open Carne. After following careful research and a life’s work experimenting with fresh ingredients and haute cuisine techniques, the chef-owner of Mirazur (2 Michelin stars) and Grand Coeur in France, has perfected the ideal burger made from premium quality ingredients.

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  • Our buffalo burger comes from animals raised naturally in the Delta, Paraná

    The buffalo breeding in the Paraná Delta is a sustainable development, since it allows these flooded lands to be productive, promoting and strengthening island communities that have been impoverished for several decades.

  • This is INTI, an organic field certified since 1996 where our colorful tomatoes grow under the precise eye of producers from La Plata.

    The biodiversity of food is now disappearing due to the use of seeds of modern agriculture that have F1 and GM hybrids. In CARNE we sow more than 20 tomato varieties of all kinds, shape, color and flavor. About 6,000 plants of tomatoes are cultivated in La Plata at INTI, an organic field certified since 1996.

  • We don't use preservatives because our philosophy, our decision is to make a real ketchup

    The ketchup, made with organic tomatoes, without pesticides, cultivated in a field in Cardales, is prepared without the usual concentrate of tomatoes and without preservatives. This work is in charge of Guillermo Frusto, from Pampa Gourmet.

  • The first special edition arrives to La Plata, the new mushroom burger, for limited time. The focaccia bread was created by Renato Peralta and Sebastian Perez with Mauro Colagreco in CarneLab, Carne´s development and research project.

  • CARNE developed a special edition of craft beer together with Nonthue, which is natural, has no preservatives, dyes, or chemicals.